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You and I - 2 days to go


Throw your magical Patriotic Tiara Steve!!


From the sketch book of Steve Rogers


Avengers Business Cards - Just because


like. i get that cersi’s suffering at the loss of her child is the worst. she loves her children. even joffrey. but at the same time i have never felt as much vindictive glee than i have at watching him die for everything he’s put sansa stark (and literal thousands of others) through. for her i am glad for his death. and i’ll never feel bad about it~~~~~


sansa stark after joffrey and margaery’s beautiful wedding



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  • LA Times: OK, I'm going to use the topic of poet to transition into Rob Lowe. He got quite the attention with his comments that there's a prejudice against attractive people. What did you think of his comments?
  • Nick Offerman: Um, well, actually when that came out, I arranged for a 12-piece string quartet to speed over to his house and play an elaborate fugue. I didn't realize what a rough time he was having. I would've been giving him a piggyback ride to set if I knew that things were so tough.


moment of silence for all my wasted potential